Saturday, May 21, 2011

We Attended a Wonderful Memorial Service Today

My husband and I attended a really nice memorial service today. 
It was held in a small mountain top town in the tiniest church building with a propane tank out back.
The most unusual thing about the day was seeing the local Sheriff and 
Highway patrol stop in to pay their respects.  
What a neat place to live and what neat people.  

It was so nice to see my dear friends so well taken care of during their time of loss.  
Their dear loved one will be sorely missed.

Today was a time to regroup and think about what is really important in life.  
Their dear loved one was a good man who gave of himself to those around him.
It was a time to reflect on the gift of Resurrection and the blessing
of being able to have our bodies again.
A time to remember that loving the people around us is so important.  
When it is all said and done the love shared is what we carry with us.

We kept with tradition too...
My husband opened a water bottle at 8,000 feet and closed it for the drive home.
We are pretty high, but they are much higher.

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