Saturday, December 24, 2011

Good Bye Dear Alex

Recently I've been watching my sweet friend mourn the loss of  her son as a result of a seizure at the tender age of 19.

Now that the funeral is over she is picking up the pieces and digging deep within herself to her foundation for strength.

I have watched her cry and pull her remaining 5 children close around her.    I have seen her smile and offer hugs of comfort to those around her.

She has carried on with her plans for Christmas.  She baked pies and continued to turn on the Christmas lights.  She has done it for them and for Alex.

She has set an amazing example to those around her.  I have never lost a child and hope to never have one precede me in death. 
Should it ever happen to me I hope to face it a valiantly as my dear friend Sue has.

I love you Sue!

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