Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kitchen Organization - Lessons from the Bakery

Tackle counter top clutter with a kitchen cart.

Whitney Miller

Add additional space and style.

We can take inspiration
 from commercial kitchen's.  
Catering Insight
Shelving can be added to our homes in near-by spaces to hold things that our kitchen's will not.

This is a coat closet turned pantry.

Do you find yourself saying, "Whose idea was it to build this house with so few drawers?"  
Utilize baskets on your shelves.  
They can hold everything from dish towels to tools that you use less often.

Zest Bakery
Hang it up.  
In commercial kitchens many things are hung up in addition to placing them in bins on shelves.

Rustic Chic
Get creative!
If you get creative you can stir the straw in your nest and make cooking in your kitchen more pleasant.


  1. What a wonderfully organized home you must have! Great ideas. It is so neat that you have TWO missionaries serving! Enjoy the coming weekend.

  2. Hi Debbie,

    I am actually terribly human. :) Thanks for stopping. We are pretty thrilled about our missionaries. Enjoy your weekend too.