Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sewing for my Sister Missionary Today - Ruffle T-shirt redo and Ruffle skirts

Not great pics, sorry

Hopefully she can wear the T-shirts on P-day

Quick Ruffle Skirts

I got a picture of my cute girl in one of the tops!


  1. I'm sure she will love them. How blessed she is to have such a seamstress for a mom!

    1. Thanks Julie. My mother says when someone plays you a compliment say Thanks and be quiet. Lol. Glad I can turn out simple things.

  2. The skirts are beautiful. I want to learn how to make the ruffle skirt? Just finished making mine pillow cases. Which I loved and want to do more.

  3. Hey Nicole, check out Hobby Lobby. They have Ruffle fabric. They were easy as pie. :)