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Rekindling my Passion for Photography - I don't want to be a Wedding Photographer when I grow up

My Photography Interest was Born while I was young- When I was in Junior High School one of the teachers who was on lunch duty one day talked to me about his Roloflex and the weddings he was shooting on the side.  He described the large negative made by the Roloflex for clear enlargements.  A seed was planted.  I'd never held anything more than a point and shoot in my hands and I wish I could say I actually held his Roloflex in my hands, but I did not.  Talking about it was enough to pique my interest. When the time came at the end of  Junior High to choose classes for High School I signed up for Photography.  My father had always had some latent interest and he got right behind me.  He purchased a Pentax P3 and a 50mm lens for me to use and later a decent 80-200mm.   Thank you Dad.   Sadly, much of what I learned over the next three years wasn't about actually shooting.  We loaded film in dark bags and worked on dark room techniques, we made a pin hole camera a

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