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When I was a teenager my Mom taught me to make bread.  But, as I baked after I was married I encountered what many do.  Dry heavy bread.  Especially when I tried to use my wheat to make whole wheat bread.  Then I encountered Beth Hensperger's book.  During this time I studied a lot and learned to see when bread had enough flour in it.  Aside from not killing the yeast with hot water or forgetting the salt texture is the "secret."   

I was baking bread on a regular basis and my preemie would not touch it.  He was determined to eat the "nerf" or "Air" bread from the grocery store.  A friend told me I needed to make him white bread with more water and less flour to win him over.  So that is what I did.  
Then along came a 1 hour bread recipe!  I hadn't ever thought of eliminating a rise for the sake of time,  

My journey with bread got serious!  I read all things bread and really enjoyed what I was learning.  and then the other shoe fell, so to speak.  I had said good bye to two of my children within a short time.  Both of them had gone to serve LDS missions.  I thought it was a good time to take a full time job to help out.  It kept me busy and it was my dream job.  I was hired to work as a Pastry Chef.  
At first I got along famously.  Things were going well and I was learning amazing new things.   
And then one day a corporate guy came in to work and notice the distress that flour was causing me.  He told me about a baker he'd known who had discovered he had Celiac Disease.  (This made a lot of sense to me though I had never seen respiratory symptoms before.) 
It continued to get worse as time went on.  I moved away from the flour and stopped baking, but every time it was even opened in the kitchen I'd react.  I had red welts on my face and neck, asthma symptoms, swallowing difficulty and I started to sneeze constantly.  That was the final straw.  It was not productive to keep running out of the kitchen every time I had to sneeze.  Not to mention it made my skin dry to wash my hands so much after each time I sneezed.  

After I returned home my husband bought me a respirator from the home center to bake in.  After I learned to breath in it I was back in business.  But, honestly wearing it is has slowed my baking down considerably.  

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