Free Fleece Slipper Pattern - Adjust Size with a Copy Machine

I have been searching for a copy of this pattern for a very long time.
I was so sad when the link to this pattern disappeared, but
I have finally found it for you!

 Cold feet? Slippers to the rescue.
This is a great Free Fleece Slipper pattern that used to be available on the LDS humanitarian website.
The slippers are on the discontinued items list now. They are no longer accepting them. But, the pattern is a very good one for keeping my families feet warm during the winter months.

The only part about sizing that is a little bit tricky is remembering to size it up enough to allow for a seam allowance. Trace your foot and head for a copy machine or scanner that will allow you to enlarge or reduce. I plan to add a casing and elastic to the next pair I make like this PDF - Pattern.
These slippers have become a Christmas tradition at our house.
New slippers all around!


Print at 100% and then make size adjustments to your pieces from there.  I'd start with making the sole about an inch longer than the foot of the child.
When I made a bunch for Christmas one year I made multiple sizes.

Originally posted 12/28/10

Slippers/Booties for Little Man.
I gambled and did not size the pattern up and made these tonight for Little Man.
I made them with the pattern as it printed.  I was sad that they were too small. 
I cut a third and fourth back and wrapped it over the edge and clipped it to make fringes. 
I put elastic in the casing also, but underestimated how big the piece should be.  I used a 4 " piece and ended up clipping through the casing to cut the elastic and then I whip stitched the slit closed. 
I will try again.  :)


  1. Could you please, please, give me copy or link to the free Fleece Sliper Pattern. I couldn't find it any where . TIA


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