Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My 6 year old's explanation of Meth

This morning my son woke up with summer allergies and asked me for something to clear his stuffy nose. We do not use decongestants very often, but on occasion they have been quite nice to have.

Since pseudoephedrine was taken out of children's allergy preparations and placed behind the counter at the pharmacy many of us have just had to learn to breath through our mouths when allergies get bad.

This morning when my son was asking for something for his nose I tried to explain why the new medicine that is available OTC does not work very well. I tried to explain it to him in a way that he would understand.

I told my little 6 year old that some big people were buying the medicine and would cook it to make a new medicine that made them hyper. But, because it is not good for you the good medicines had to be made harder to buy.
(Now if I remember right, the ingredient was taken out of children's medicines because of side effects? Hmmm, Okay what ever. I just know it was an old medicine that we knew worked and we trusted it. So you sort out the reason why it was actually done. Side effect or drug activity.)

I walked away for a moment and when I returned he was thoughtfully standing there in front of the toaster. He replied, "I know why they cook the drug Mom. They want to be hyper so that they can stay up with their kids."

His view of the world is sweet and innocent. He does not yet fully grasp the evil in this world or the unkind desires of a portion of the population in it.
It is refreshing to me that we have been able to give him some safe time here in our home to become the sweet little boy that he is before having to face the ugliness that we all live with outside of our homes each day.

Best Wishes!

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