Monday, March 1, 2010


  The next time you see someone and make that snap judgment about them, stop and think about it. We all do it. We make judgments every day about most everyone that we come into contact with. What we do with those judgments is pretty important.

  When you drive up on a car marked "New Driver," do you grumble and gripe or are you understanding and just wait a minute?
  When the cashier texts while they count your change do you get frustrated, silently call him/her an idiot and then carry the frustration with you?  Do you react impatiently with the next couple of people that you come into contact with?
  Have you ever had the opportunity to work with someone who thinks very differently and after a time of showing them kindness and patience become friends?  I had an opportunity to work with another Mom years ago in a volunteer capacity and had this very thing happen.  We had very different perspectives.  Sometimes I shook my head after we would part.  But, I was very blessed by the opportunity I was given to learn to love someone who thought differently than I did.
  I hope to be ever more positive in my thinking about my encounters with people even when I am in a hurry.   I want to be more forgiving of others short comings so that I can be more worthy of others forgiveness.
If we are kind and give someone the benefit of the doubt it can make not only a big difference in their life, but in ours. If we have a kind attitude toward those around us we can be open to the good in people and in the world.

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