Monday, March 22, 2010

The Ever Useful Reusable IKEA Bag - A Laundry Bag and More...

Have you discovered these beauties yet?  They are so useful and take a up much less space than a large stack of laundry baskets.  Not to mention they are .59 cents beating the cost of laundry baskets that get broken so easily by children. 
I love being able to hang these on an over the door hook in my laundry room.  They beat a stack of laundry baskets any day when it comes to reducing clutter.  

In addition to holding laundry they are great for camping, picnics and outings. 
I love being able to load these bags heavy and they will take it.  I have used other reusable shopping bags that will not tolerate more than a few trips home from the store before they begin to pop seams.  I give these a big thumbs up!

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