Thursday, April 8, 2010

Organization in the Kitchen - Simple Pleasures

A month or two ago my husband asked me when I was going to finish moving into my kitchen.  I looked blankly at him.  I had to think about it.  He was right.  I was so worried about not filling the kitchen with clutter that I had not fully moved in.  I am carefully inviting things into my kitchen as I go, hoping not to be overwhelmed by too much stuff. 

It's important to keep your priorities straight as you invite things back into your space when you reorganize.  Do you really need a 2 cup, 4 cup and a 6 cup glass measuring cup?  Since they will nest, you can likely justify them.  Two sets of measuring spoons and measuring cups. For sure.  A cookie scoop and a muffin scoop? Yes!  Oh, and I have to point out my dollar store finds in the picture.  The butter dish is a dollar store candy dish, dollar store salt and sugar shakers. And then today's addition is the oil bottle from Walmart.  I've wanted one for a while now.  I looked at one yesterday at a high end kitchen store.  I opted to leave it behind at 12.95.  The Walmart bottle... 2.97  Perfect.

I am a fan of pan racks.  Mine received some unfortunate damage in the move, so for the time being I am without one.  There are many on the market in many price ranges.  Before you consider one, look at your spot.  Where are your joists?  This will determine where you can hang it.  I have hung two all by my lonesome.  You must find wood though to hang it from.  I fished around using a stud finder and the drill until I found wood.  You might consider the IKEA Kroken or Amazon has a reasonable one also depending upon your budget.  I had the one from Amazon in two previous homes.

As you organize consider do you have space near by for things that you do not use all of the time?  Could a shelf in the hall closet be pressed into service for the Fondue pot and the turkey platter?   Or maybe the cake decorating supplies and spring form pans could be tucked into a bin with a lid in the garage or basement?

Getting organized is a constant process in our home, but with enough wiggling around I figure I'll get it eventually.

Best Wishes!


  1. You are amazing...I love all the little tips that you give! Wanna come organize my!

    Keep up the great posts. I really enjoy them all.

    Angela Burrows

  2. I'd love to come play in your kitchen. Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! And your house is always clean! :o)
    You don't need me, Lol!