When the Bulk Buy is the Best Buy

One of my strategies for feeding this family of 9 is buying in bulk along with a good dose of scratch cooking.  I enjoy all of my jars and containers of bulk goods.  I know I am a little bit strange, but I do. 

I divide things like; powdered eggs, salt, baking powder, baking soda and bouillon that are used more slowly into canning jars. 

I use 2 liter and 2 quart juice bottles made of Pete plastic for bulk items that are pourable like grains, beans, hot cereal and powdered milk etc.  You can use a funnel or cut a 2 liter bottle in half and use it as a funnel.

I love deli sized pickle jars for my bulk goods also.  I am up 6 jars!  My Dad loves deli style pickles and my Mom has been sending the jars my way.  

When you shop be sure to watch prices per ounce/pound when you buy in bulk.  Sometimes stores and manufacturers are counting on the fact that you are tired busy or just not paying attention.  They will hike the price on the large package making the large package less than a good buy.  While other times the large package the best buy.

Best wishes!


  1. Thanks for all the tips and good ideas! We will have to watch prices better. We really enjoy your blog. It is full of so much useful information!

  2. Thanks for your response! You are so sweet!


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