Thursday, April 22, 2010

Young Women's Personal Progress Bracelet with Personal Progress Colors

My daughter needed a quick gift for a friend's birthday so I sat down and put this together.
It has all of the personal progress colors and went together quickly.

I used bead wire, tube crimps, a toggle, seed beads, faux pearls, and glass fire polished bi-cone beads.  None of the beads in this bracelet are expensive ones and could easily be bought in bulk for a Young Women's project.
The hardest part for me is getting the size just right.  But never fear, they can easily be taken apart and restrung if you don't get it right.

These would be great Christmas gifts for your Young Women, a Girls camp craft, a mutual activity etc...



  1. What a great idea! It is so pretty too. Maybe we should do it as a project for Keysha. I think she would really enjoy it. Where did you get the beads?

  2. It would be a fun project for sure! I'll look and see if I have one of each color left for you.
    I don't know where these particular faux pearls were purchased. They were leftovers from another project that were given to me. But, it would not be too hard to find more I wouldn't think.
    The nature of bead shopping is if you like it buy it. I gather until I have enough to make something.
    I'll go hit the bead box. :o)