Friday, May 28, 2010

Layered do It yourself hair cut turned upside down-

First, are you good with hair?  Have you cut your own bangs not had to wear a hat for a month?  You decide.  Try this at your own risk.  If you are under 18 consult a parent before you try this.  :o)

Have you ever considered getting crazy and cutting your own layers?  Well, I have been doing just that for quite some time.  Oh, you say I am nuts?  Well, that has been previously established.  I have a strong do it yourself streak in me for sure. Watch this video and I'll tell you what I have learned. 

The young lady in the videos hair is at a right angle while kneeling at the tub side. 
I prefer to stand bent at the hip and tuck my chin more toward my chest rather than looking at the bottom of the tub as you cut.
This gal cuts her hair without holding it in her fingers.  I prefer gathering the hair together between my fingers using my fingers as a guide for cutting.  You decide.  Once you establish your cut line with your fingers keep cutting and don't let go.  You can go back for any little bits that need fixing.  One more thing, an inexpensive pair of hair cutting scissors will make the job easier. 

Wet or Dry?
Some cut their hair wet and some dry.  I have tried both.  I have very thick hair and prefer cutting my hair dry even though it is a lot to manage.  I prefer cutting my hair dry or mostly dry (Slight misting with a spray bottle is fine, but only slight for control.) so that I can immediately see what kind of results I got.  I can quickly flip, brush and cut a little more to get the angle on the layers just right.  You can't see layers very well when hair is wet.

This cut is best for women with long hair.  My advice if you plan to attempt this is go slow when it comes to taking off length.  I do not recommend cutting your shortest layer shorter than your chin line or your longest above your shoulders. Single out some hair near your face and hold it up straight above your head.  Look at it and get a feel.  Go slow.  You know you can always cut more, but you'll spend many months growing it back.  (Also don't cut off too much in case you really mess it up and need to have someone fix it.)  This takes practice to master. 

Best wishes to you.  I hope this helps.

If you get brave here is a good side swept bang video.

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  1. WOW, thanks for posting. Doing your own cute can really save money!