Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stovetec Rocket Stove - Just Goofing Off

Now that summer is in full swing I am looking for small diversions to keep the kids from going crazy. Or am I looking for diversions to keep me from going crazy? Either way...

This morning I decided to use my Stovetec rocket stove for the second time. I made pancakes in my 12 inch cast iron frying pan without the ring. My activities attracted little neighbor children who watched with interest. One little 6 year old boy told me, "My mom makes pancakes in the house." Yes, I thought, I usually do too. Smile.

Here is my little stove on it's maiden voyage all closed down actively simmering a pan of rice. I was able to get the pan clean again, but will use one of my camping pans next time.

This little stove is fun to play with. After you get a really good fire going you can break the ends off of the sticks and continue to cook with the coals that you made in the time it took to get the pan of water boiling.

I can't wait to take this little stove camping. Pine needles would be amazing for getting the fire going. The two door stove has a light brick insert that you push in prior to closing the upper door. This protects the door from burning up. I will guard the little brick carefully though. If someone drops the brick it will be done for.

The kids enjoyed going "wood hunting" in a near by field and trimming a lilac bush. This served as yet another diversion for the summer doldrums.

Stovetec's official website
Demo video for the two door stove

Hey, when it comes time to put that stove away I learned something helpful. My stove dropped neatly into a super pail. You know the taller buckets that wheat comes in. There is enough room for the stove, rack, a lighter and a tiny bit of wood and kindling. It is important to treat these stoves gently. The very light weight ceramic material and the stove to are very susceptible to being broken. The first one we brought home was broken. The store was not excited about us returning it, but it was broken when we got it.
So, there you go.

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  1. We have the wood-only version of the Stove-Tec. It's brilliant.

    Last Summer, whilst on holiday in West Wales, we used the rocket stove and a cast-iron griddle to cook burgers and sausages for our al-fresco meals.


    We now have a Dutch oven for increased flexibility. That hasn't been used yet.

    All the fuel was gathered locally by bicycle from the hedgerows. Just dead sticks and twigs.
    I suspect that all fire-resistant ceramics are pretty fragile. One just has to treat them with respect.

    I've also lined the fire-box with stainless steel to protect the fire-clay liner from abrasion, from the ends of the fuel as it's pushed-in. As I've heard this is a weakness of fire-clay lined rocket stoves.