Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gluten-Free Olive Oil Bread - From: Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day

Today I decided to make Gluten-Free Olive Oil Bread since my Celiac daughter's supply of Udi's bread is getting low.  She loves Udi's bread, but I am motivated by frugality right now.    
Since my gluten free baking roots sprouted in Bette Hagman's books I followed my gut and adapted the recipe's technique.  Thank you Bette for Pioneering GF baking, we have not forgotten you. 

Gluten free baking is NOTHING like regular baking.  Throw all of the conventional wisdom out the window  when you bake GF breads.

I found Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day in the public library and brought it home to try this recipe and the GF Brioche. (Recipe link to follow.)

I mixed the dry together in a bowl.  (I did not proof my yeast.  I used SAF instant mixed with the dry ingredients.)  Then I combined the wet in my kitchen aid with my paddle beater.  Then shook the dry into the wet in about 3rds between beating.  Beat it until it is all thoroughly moistened.  I opted to make this as a straight dough without the long ferment.  In other words skip the first rise.  Save your yeasts motivation for the final product.  (If you don't agree I will not be offended.)

I put half of the bread batter on parchment on my peel and carefully shaped it into an artisan loaf.  
I used a spray bottle and as little water as I could possibly use to smooth the loaf with a butter knife.  
After I shaped it I used a clean razor blade to gently "score" the loaf.


 The other half was divided between two small loaf pans (oiled with olive oil and sprinkled with rice flour) right after I mixed it.  (I used my muffin sized scoop and dropped 8 balls of dough into each pan.)  I shaped it and left it to rise lightly spritzed with water and covered with plastic wrap .  I let it raise until the level in the pan was doubled.

I baked it about 30 minutes and checked it with my probe thermometer.  It was a perfect 200 degrees F.  I pulled the loaf pans out and let them sit for 10 min before I took them out of the pans and dropped them on cooling racks.  The free form loaf spent another minute in the oven without the parchment on my stone and then it came out to cool.  
I did skip the recommended egg wash and sugar on the crust.  The wash and sugar would have given the loaves a much warmer color. The texture is VERY nice.  Better than other GF breads I have baked.  Commonly GF bread has an overly wet texture.  The flavor is mild and nice. 

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