Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pizza Pie Cafe - Great fare at a fair price! - Now Offering Gluten Free too!

As you may know I prefer homemade pizza, but once in a great while it is nice to eat something that someone else has prepared.

When we were in the midst of moving my grandparents my dad insisted we take time out to go and eat at Pizza Pie Cafe. I was deeply set in work mode and suggested we grab something off of a dollar menu. My brother and Dad were very persuasive about stopping and treating us. And I am so glad they did.

I am a bit of a pizza snob these days. My idea of crust is not a disk of dough made in some far off locale and trucked in dry and tasteless. (Dough is a living thing and handling is everything.)

My favorite was the Garlic Chicken Ranch and my husband seemed to really like The Hillbilly. The cheese had a nice texture and tasted real. The toppings were nicely balanced.

I have only eaten there twice, but I preferred the Highland location's crust to Provo's. (The same crust recipe can vary from good to excellent depending first rise time and then the rise before baking. So, in my opinion the variation was a matter of how busy the locations were when I visited.)

In addition to pizza they feature a salad bar and pasta bar with many sauce choices along with dessert pizzas. I was pleases by the offered fare at a very fair price. So when you are looking to get away and see the whites of your sweeties eyes without children calling your name give it a try.
(Or if you are feeling really nice, take the kids.)

Pizza Pie Cafe has three locations. (Check out the comments, I love the feedback from the owners of PPC.  11 locations now!)  Rexburg Idaho, Provo Utah and Highland Utah. Give it a try. And if you head to Provo, catch a reasonably priced movie at Movies 8.

Update- They fixed the crust! Hooray!
(Current menu price 19.14 for two all you can eat with drinks including tax.  March 2011)

Update- My daughter's date called ahead after hearing the PPC was now catering to Celiacs.  She was thrilled with her GF pizza and the date was saved!


  1. I've never been there, but wondered what it was like. Thanks for the review!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about good pizza! I love homemade pizza, but we'll check out this place for sure when we travel through Utah this October (fingers crossed) to come home. Sorry to hear about your little boy's brake. Don't you love when your kids are little Evil Knevils? :) Thanks for being such a strength to our family. Love, Jenn

  3. Wow Jenn, I am touched that you would take the time to respond to my post. You have so much going on in your life right now.
    Thank you!


  4. I wanted to thank you for a review of our restaurant. We do have locations in Pocatello and Idaho Falls as well. Your comments about our dough is so true. We make a 3 day dough, meaning we usually don't use it the first day and work it through a first rise and then cut and ball it up and then bench it. We have noticed also that our dough is better in Highland. We have been going through and looking at our whole process to see why. We refrigerate our dough in Highland overnight and we feel like this is making a difference. We are working to make the necessary changes in our other locations to duplicate this process.
    Matt Smith

  5. Thanks to Matt Smith of Pizza Pie Cafe!
    Your conclusion jives with Alton Brown's advice. (Development through Refrigeration) My favorite pizza dough is developed in the refrigerator.
    Glad to see you using good sound techniques!
    I would love to get to make such a quantity of dough!

    Thanks for visiting my little blog!

  6. Having moved to Logan UT from Rexburg about 5 years ago we left such a good thing, Cragio's Pizza(AKA: PPC). Over the past 5 years my wife and I have kept saying, Logan sure needs to get a pizza buffet here in town. It would be so nice to have Cragio's around. Well it has finally made it. Under the new name of Pizza Pie Cafe. Its here and just like we remembered it. We had lunch there a few days ago and loved it. This just might turn out to be a bad thing its here in town now.

  7. Hey, this is the owner of Pizza Pie Cafe. I want to thank you for the shout out. I also wanted to let you know we have 11 locations. Check out our we'd page. We will be opening 3 more in the next few months. Thanks so much .
    Jane Smith

    1. Thanks for stopping Jane Smith! I am glad for the updates on you progress as a chain.