Friday, July 23, 2010

Preemie Doll - Sewing a Memory

Eight years ago my husband and I had an adventure of sorts.
At 29 weeks my water broke (PPROM) and our otherwise healthy son was in danger.  I hung on for a couple of days before he was born.  Plenty of time for the steroids to work.  Blessed steroids, not everyone is so lucky.

Our little boy came after 11 weeks of preterm labor. He likely benefited from the stressful pregnancy and weeks of bed rest.  He weighed in at a whopping 3 pounds 5 ounces.   We were so blessed. 

After a very difficult first year of respiratory infections, anemia and feeding problems our little boy began to get stronger and life began to normalize. 

About that time I decided to resume being a "project girl."
I found Sandy Eding and she directed me to buy a pattern from Judi and then gave me the preemie alterations.  (Now the alterations are a pattern that can be bought.)  Sandy Helped me get started sewing this baby.  But, after I botched a hand I put it away.    

My son has asked me through the years when I would finish his baby.  So finally today I finished him.  No his right hand is not perfect and the body is a little bit plumpy.  (Too many beans in the baby.)  But, what a sweet memory.  One of my older children said he had memories rush back when he saw the doll.  Memories of "Be Careful."

This baby is wearing socks and an outfit that our son wore in the NICU that was made by Kimi at New Conceptions.  (The clothes are a bit big for the doll, as they do not dress preemies at first.)  But the outfit is complete with a permanent spit up stain.  Only a Mom would smile over that.  Thank you Sandy and Judy.

As an add on, I pulled out this picture of my little man at 2 months old and still under 6 pounds just after we brought him home in the outfit in the picture above.  Such a sweet little boy.

I wore a purple heart pendant that I made at the time.  I found it to be very comforting.  We had gone through a whole lot.


  1. That is awesome :) you made my heart smile.

  2. I want to make hats for preemies in the Nicu. How much would you charge to make the 4 heads sized for 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 32 weeks and 36 weeks?

    1. Hi,

      I think your best bet might be to call your local NICU for measurements. I don't even have the pattern for this doll anymore and my season for sewing has sort of passed. Maybe I will sew again when I have grand-children. :)
      Best wishes with your project! :)
      The things that were donated to the NICU when my little man was there meant a lot.

  3. I love this idea. I would love to make a doll in each of my babies birth sizes. Mostly smaller, but one made it over 7lbs. :)