Saturday, August 28, 2010

Strange Run of Luck - Two Broken Arms

We have had a strange run of luck. Of my seven children never until this month have we had a broken bone and now we have four. My children have survived trampolines, swing sets, running, jumping and playing all without a broken bone. If you are superstitious now is the time for you to knock on your computer desk.

Earlier this month my littlest jumped off of a power box in the yard. But, he decided to put a little Jackie Chan into his jump and spun a 360 as he went down.

When he landed he heard a noise. He told his big brother that he thought he broke his arm. But, he proceeded to wiggle his hand and decided it was not broken. My oldest son instantly told him to stop moving it because he could see a wave in his arm. I had just walked through the doors of the craft store when the call came from my oldest daughter. I came home a few minutes later to find him on the sofa with a pillow under his wrist looking pale. We rushed off to the hospital to have his arm set and splinted.

Seventeen days passed. His cast was loose and coming apart by his thumb and causing a sore spot, so we opted to go and replace it. That evening we walked with another family to the park. When it got dark we started to walk home. When we got close to home we were all laughing and talking when our little man tripped on a section of raised sidewalk and landed flat on his face. He was picked up and dusted him off and we continued home. When we got home I wrapped his arm with an ACE wrap. Not realizing it was broken.

My little guy apparently has a high threshold for pain. He played the next morning without complaint, but I noticed he was not using the hand. Sure enough my suspicions were correct. A trip to the Dr. revealed his arm was indeed broken. (Did I mention this was the first day of school for the other kids?)
The poor little boy.

He is pretty unstoppable. I keep having to remind him that the bones in his left arm are not set yet. We are going to a children's hospital this week to have it set. He has a Smith fracture that may not be stable. We will see then if he can have another closed reduction or if it will be an open reduction. I am hopeful. He will not be happy when he discovers he will have to be put out again. Poor guy.  (It ended up the break was perfectly aligned and not complex.)

We are counting our blessings. We have been blessed for the most part with good health in our family.
The crazy part is my right handed little boy was learning to write left handed. Now there will be no writing for a while. Kindergarten is going to be interesting for sure at first, but we will persevere.

My conclusion is, children should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap before they play.
Just kidding, but it's tempting.


  1. I am so sorry. My son broke an arm three different times. It is so hard to see our kids hurting. It's not easy for the mom either--two arms broken at the same time?! That tops them all. Hang in there--both of you!

  2. Poor guy. He does seem to be pretty good natured about the whole thing though.

  3. I can't believe the luck he's having! I love the picture of him playing video games. Kids are so funny!...they learn to make due. He's a determined little guy for sure! My brother once had a simliar thing happen to him! He had a broken arm and was out sneaking a Valentine to his crush (he was 10) and he tripped on uneven sidewalk trying to run back to the van. He went to school and even walked home before we realized he broke his other arm and one of his legs. As adults, we always have a good laugh about that now! Praying for a strong bone month for you and your family! Love, Jennifer

  4. I feel better now. I am glad to know other's have had crazy broken bone experiences too.
    I have always encouraged my kids to be careful, but I guess we were due.
    Thanks everyone for your comments!

  5. Blessings from above. The break was in place and did not require reduction. Whew!