Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fondant Stacked Cake

This is my third Fondant cake. I made this cake for our Young Women's Temple Marriage Night.
The cake was a big project and I am so happy it's done.I was not planning to make roses for this cake, but I happened upon a good video on YouTube. I am so appreciative of the many who have shared their talents with me via you tube, blogs and other pages on the internet. During other times of my life I have desired to learn the skills that I am building, but the resources were simply not there. Thank you to those who have been so generous with their time and talents. I have so much to learn, but feel so blessed by the resources available.

The small roses are made from bits of fondant weighing 4 grams each. The larger rose is made from pieces weighing 8 grams. (The larger rose was wilty.) I'll stay with the smaller roses next time.
Next time I'll repeat the fondant band around the bottom or leave it off. Here I am picking this cake apart, but I want to improve. In addition, my layers were not perfectly level. See the slight lean on the top tear?

The activity went so well!
Wow, I think we will do that every couple of years!


  1. Beautiful Cake! I want to try making fondant someday...

  2. Wow you are really amazing at cake making!