Wednesday, September 22, 2010

White Almond Sour Cream Cake

Update- The second variation is better. See "Look what I found" below.

Recently I discovered a "recipe" commonly referred to as WASC around the internet. I have made this recipe with both White cake mixes and Cherry Chip. Both are very good with the sour cream and almond extract paired with almond flavored butter cream or fondant.
The first time I made the cake it seemed like it needed just a bit more fat in the recipe. The fat in the recipe comes from the sour cream. Tonight I decided to add oil to the recipe by dropping 2 tbsp of vegetable oil into my glass measuring cup. I then filled it to the 1 cup line with water, thus replacing 2 tbsp water with oil.

(Update: Look what I found! I can't wait to this variation.)

This is a great tasting sturdy cake that held up well to my fondant experiment. I believe it will be great for the stacked cake that I am attempting first of next week.


  1. I absolutely love almond-flavored cakes, cookies, etc. I must give this a try. I noticed it calls for 1 T flavoring. How much of that is almond? Do you divide it with vanilla or other flavoring like they suggest?

  2. Hi Julie

    I went Almond all of the way. :o)
    I too am an almond fan. One of my girls is not an almond fan.
    I bought almond extract in a bigger bottle this time (Grandma's) and found it to be a better value.
    Thanks for stopping by!