Free Baby Bootie Sewing Pattern

Are you looking for a really good free baby bootie pattern?
My babies all wore baby booties and this was my favorite style. When my oldest was born my mother bought a few pair similar to these. I believe Gerber made them, but that was a long time ago. They quickly disappeared from stores and other styles appeared. Later a friend gave me a pattern similar to this one that has a square heal. My babies wore that pattern until I found this one free on the Internet. The round heal is more appealing to me.

I know it is something called progress when styles change, but in the case of busy baby feet kicking 90 miles an hour these beat all. They will not kick off.

I looked and looked on-line for this pattern to direct you, but I can't seem to find it's source. So I scanned it from my file and here it is. Baby Bootie Sewing Pattern If you want to size them up or down you can easily do so by enlarging the pattern and reducing it. With a quick trip through the baby section you can gather measurements for other desired sizes. Remember to allow for seam allowances.  (I just printed the pattern and it prints small.  Be aware of this.  Changing your print settings to no borders may help you.)

They can be made from a variety of fabrics. They are cute in denim or corduroy lined with flannel. Or try fleece lined with knit or flannel. I love chenille and flannel together. Be imaginative. I used patriotic fuzzy fleece for a pair years ago.

These are eyelet lace and flannel. Which makes them summer weight. Think about seasons as you sew. (Warmer is usually better.) Remember thicker fabric will yield a smaller bootie. And remember to use small seams.

I like to touch the end of the ribbons to the burner on my electric stove or run them through a candle so that they will not fray. I used to use shoe laces when I made these for my little boys and I would melt the cut end prior to tacking to the booties.

I wish I had thought to take pictures along the way to show you how to assemble them, but I just did not think of it.

I tack the ribbons or shoe laces securely in place before I seam the booties for extra security. For a young or new seamstress these booties might be a challenge. But, they are surely my favorite.

I hope that you enjoy them. Hopefully you'll help some little feet to be cute and warm. Was this helpful? I'd like to hear from you if it was.


Sew two right sides together.

Sew casings for the elastic.

Thread the 3 1/2 inch piece of elastic through the casing. 
Tack it with a bar tack on each end.
Pin the bootie back to the right side of the bootie front.

Now sandwich it between the layers.

Fold the bootie to find the middle of the front and the back. 
Then fold the sole the same way to find the middles.
Now put them together and start easing them together.

After they are pinned stitch them together.
Then zig zag the seams.

Here is a finished bootie.

My mind is very much on other things today and I cut the ribbons too short.
Oh well.  I will put them back in the box with the booties and replace them another day.
Time to get ready for my missionary to come home.  :)

For another cute baby bootie pattern check out-


  1. I just found your blog through another and read many posts the canning of the meat is very interesting to me ...I plan on coming back soon Lovely to meet you =)

  2. Denim! How cute would these be in denim! I'm totally doing it! Thanks again for the pattern :)

  3. I love that little kicking feet can't get them off! How many times have we put socks and shoes back on the footies?! I've got to make some of these. Do you think my 2 year old will wear them?!
    Thanks for the pattern :)

  4. Actually, yes. I bought fabric years ago that goes on the feet on sleepers. You know the grippy dots? And we actually made them for my walking little ones. I have seen puff paint used, but it does come off eventually. But, it would help them not to slip. :o)


  5. Where's the pattern? I see the booties...just what I want. No patternR!

  6. Sorry, when my template changed the visited links changed to black. Oops, now all of my text is black.

    I changed the text to red for visited links for the moment. Not too fond of it.

    Thanks for pointing out my blunder.

    I tried to send you a message, but your account is not set up so that you can get messages by clicking on your name. Bummer.

  7. Hello, just found your pattern which looks great. Can you please tell me if the pattern which I have printed off on an A$ sheet is to size or do I need to adjust it. ie. The front piece from C to C measures 13 cms on what I have printed. Thanks.


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