Monday, November 1, 2010

Educating Kids about Sex

Teaching your children-
Does the subject of teaching your children about sex make you uncomfortable? Or do you just not know what to say? In this day and time it has become increasingly important for us to discuss this topic at an age appropriate level with our children.

It is important that children are given accurate information and parental guidance with media. Less media is better in my opinion.

Next do you have some kind of Internet filtering in your home? Media brings inaccurate information and a skewed perspective about sex that can effect their adjustment for life.There are some good options out there. I have used K-9 and Net Nanny. K-9 is free and Net Nanny has a subscription fee.

It is so important for parents to have an open dialogue with their kids. Talk and keep talking. Listen and keep listening.


Helpful links-

Talking about Pornography - Combating Pornography
Growing Up - Brad Wilcox (This is a very good book.)


  1. Good ideas on resources for parents. I have had Net Nanny on computers at a school where I taught and found that it was very difficult to do research on some valid academic subjects. The thing that has worked best for my family is just having the computer where mom and dad and others can always see what on the screen.

  2. I totally agree with you on having the computer where Mom and Dad can see. Our computer occupies valuable real estate in our kitchen for this very reason.
    Thanks for your input. :o)