Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cake Decorating and Candy Making Supplies

Do you decorate cakes and make candy?
Do you want to learn?

(This is the cake I made at a Fondant class at Goodies. It was my second Fondant cake. Classes are 10.00 plus supplies. I brought a 6" by 4 1/2 " double layer cake, fondant and butter cream to the class. I added the butter cream dots and ribbon at home. )

A great place to start is Goodies. Goodies has classes and a great selection of supplies to get you started. In addition to supplies Denise, the owner, has a friendly smile and a willingness answer your questions as you learn.

Goodies has an awesome supply of chocolate, candy molds and candy supplies.
(My daughter says she has bags and bags of deliciousness.)

Goodies has bling for your cakes. Sprinkles, tips, bags, fondant cutters and supplies you name it.
I hope you will check it out.


I shop at Goodies!


  1. I never knew about this. Wow. Thanks!

  2. If you call her she will order things for you too. :o)


  3. Beautiful cake! Someday I'm gonna try one of these!