Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Anadama Bread Review - Bread Baker's Apprentice

I was looking for a little bit of entertainment a few nights ago, so I cracked the Bread Baker's Apprentice for inspiration. I bought Polenta and Molasses for my project. (Next time I will open up the setting on my grinder and coarsely grind popcorn instead of buying the Polenta. But, it was fun to try it with the Polenta.)

I measured out the ingredients for all three steps in a matter of a few minutes. 1)I dropped the Polenta and water into one container to soak overnight. 2)Then measured 2 cups of bread flour and the yeast into another small container for the sponge the following day. 3)And finally into the mixer bowl measured the molasses, salt and remaining 2 1/2 cups of bread flour and covered it until morning. It was a quick recipe that was a fun texture to shape. The recipe yields two 9x5 inch loaves.

I misted the loaves with a spray bottle and then dusted them with cornmeal. I don't recommend dusting them with Polenta. It may break your teeth. :o)
This bread makes SPECTACULAR TOAST. It has a nice flavor from the molasses and has a tender texture with a nice crunch. (I used Grandma's Molasses.)

If you do not already have this book, don't borrow it.
You will not want to give it back.


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