Saturday, December 11, 2010

Neighbor Gifts? Divinity - The Mixer Killing Candy

Have you ever been tempted by those 6 dollar hand mixers in the store? Well, okay maybe you have not. Let me tell you why I was tempted by one and may be tempted again. One word. Divinity. Fluffy pillows of goodness.

Years ago I made divinity in my kitchen aid and took out the highest gear. (Over the years Divinity has been the undoing of several of my mother's stand mixers.) Divinity is a mixers nemesis. It is the most brutal cruel thing you can do to a mixer.

Making Divinity is like driving an old car up a mountain in 100 plus degree weather. But, with Divinity a mixer can be new and sustain damage. If the mixer begins to strain, shut it off and begin spooning the Divinity. (I have a tendency to miss it losing it's gloss and stop there. Duh.) I cooked mine today because I didn't. Ugh.

So, I am off to buy another hand mixer so that I can make more divinity.


  1. Divinity is my absolutely favorite Christmas candy, but I have never had success making it. Sad. I rely on my mother in law for that one. Glad your family gets to enjoy it even if your mixer suffers. (My mind is a bit foggy. Hope this makes sense.)

  2. OH, I love divinity. It has been awhile since I have made it, and I totally agree with you. It is worth using a cheap mixer for. Sometimes you have to adjust for altitude or humidity, but it is so worth the effort.

  3. I love baking Christmas goodies! I never thought of the hand mixers as useful, but you bring up a great point! :0)
    PS- I'm thrilled to hear your dad(s) are doing well! Thanks for keeping me updated! I've been thinking about you!

  4. I've killed a few mixers making fudge, too. :( Hope your divinity is turning out... divine? ;)

  5. I guess mixers are the price for candy. :o) I'll stick with the cheap ones.

  6. That's funny, especially since I have been down that road, too. Teresa and I went on a divinity making kick when we were kids. We burned up a few of my mom's cheap mixers. We would run out and buy what was probably an even cheaper one, and hope she wouldn't notice, of course she did. I have made it in my KitchenAid, too, and yes, you are right, it's not a happy mixer.

  7. I can see you two rushing to replace her mixer. :o) You two were BRAVE to try it as kids. Wish I'd been that brave.