Friday, August 6, 2010

King Arthur Dough Scraper Review - Simple Pleasure

If you have flour gloved hands as you read this or you are picking dried dough off of your cuticles you'll likely understand my enthusiasm for a good dough scraper.

My journey began at Bed Bath and Beyond. I found rigid metal bench knives that could damage my bench or small rigid pan scrapers that I have been making do with. Strike one. Then I found one over at Amazon that looked like a possibility. But, a reviewer said my selection was too rigid to conform to bowls. Bummer. (Not to mention the shipping cost more than the scraper.) Strike two.

After two strikes I turned to King Aurthur's site. I was pleased to find one offered for 1.95 with free shipping. Of course, if you know me well you know I am a cynic about marketing and the consumerism that comes from too much of it. I know King Aurthur would like to get their logo into my kitchen and possibly a catalog. But, in this case I don't mind so much. My family already laughs at me carrying bread books around the house and reading them intently like some outrageously popular novel.

When my dough scrapers came today my husband chuckled over how pleased I was over a flexible piece of plastic. I am so glad for simple pleasures in life.

You know what the worst part is? I have already made pizza crust today. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to play with my wonderful dough scraper, or will I?

Update: I made 6 loaves of sandwich bread that same night and used one of my new scrapers. Ahhhh! I am so pleased.


  1. Your so funny! I don't think it is bad to practice such a good skill with enthusiasm. It just makes me laugh a little when you get so happy over what some people are trying to avoid. Which is baking. loves!
    - Aras