Saturday, January 22, 2011

King Arthur Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix Review

Today I made a King Aurthur Chocolate Cake Mix for my Celiac daughter to try.
When she came through the door I offered her one.
She said thank you and took a bite of the cupcake.
She paused with worry.
"Mom, is this gluten free?"
The look on her face said, "Why did you make me cupcakes that are going to make me sick?"

I dug the box from the trash and reassured her that it was Gluten Free.
She was amazed.

The cake mixes are pricey like most everything else that is Gluten Free.
But, her reaction told all.
It was worth it.

Nice texture, nice flavor.
A little pricey for everyday, but great for special occasions.
Good job, K.A.

Side note-
I have not yet made this mix and stacked it as a cake.
It seems light and delicate.
When I do I will likely freeze the layers prior to assembling it.
I'd be nervous about fondant being a bit heavy for it, but will not know until I try a layer cake with this mix.
If anyone has any opinions or experience with this I'd love to hear your from you.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I will have to tell my friend, Rosalie about it.

  2. It is possible to be Gluten Free and eat something enjoyable once in a while. :o)
    Thanks for stopping Aggie. :o)


  3. I use Bettu Crocker gluten free cakes in yellow or chocolate. They have nailed the yumminess factor! The consistency is great! I have done two boxes to make a layer cake.