Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Marga Mill - Review

Today I am reviewing the Marga Mill.
I bought this mill through a neighborhood group buy a few years back.
It was purchased from blendtec.com.
(I have an electric Blend Tec Kitchen Mill that I LOVE.)
It is important that you understand this is not a substitute for a good quality flour mill.

It is simply a compliment.

If you are used to buying wheat flour already ground you will notice there is some visual texture to the flour. It's pretty. When you begin grinding your own flour in a good quality grinder you will notice it is uniform and does not have the pretty flakes of bran in it.

I attended a class about wheat given by a man from a local roller mill some years back. He said Whole wheat flour is a "recipe."
Grinding flour at home is a wonderful thing. But, alas the flour is not as pretty.
Oh, you ask, "How do I make it prettier?" 

If you have enough of a desire for pretty visual texture in your flour there is a solution. Mix the flaky ground wheat (Ger-made essentially) produced by the Marga with some finely ground flour from your flour mill. Viola.

In my opinion the Marga Mill does not make satisfactory flour for whole wheat bread making, but it makes great bread additions and cereal.

When I bough the Marga Mill I did not do my homework. I bought the Marga as a back up flour mill. My intent was to store it for no to low power situations to grind flour.

For me the saving grace here is the rolled flaky texture is pretty and it makes great hot cereal.

Check it out before you buy. Know what the tool is good for before you buy. (Directions say you can us it to roll damp grains that have been allowed to dry until they are not longer sticky in order to make flaked grain that can be thoroughly dried in a food dehydrator for short term storage, and grinding cereal)

Did this meet my needs? Not really since I did not do my homework.
I think I'll try again eventually.


  1. I will have to start following his blog, what an amazing little boy...seems he is blessed with a wonderful family. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I found that I can "warm up" my grains in the microwave and run them through the rollers immediately after to get the same nice, rolled effect you talk about in the blog. It's lot's easier than soaking, rolling, then drying.

    What setting do you use the roller on to get the "pretty" flour?

  3. Hi Stephanie

    Thanks for the tip on warming the grains in the microwave.

    I can't remember what setting I used. Hmmmm... I basically just made medium coarse cereal. I just added the pretty flaky stuff to the fine flour I had already made in my K-tech kitchen mill.
    My hubby laughs at me for thinking food needs to be pretty. But, we do eat with our eyes first. Beauty in food is important.