Thursday, January 27, 2011

Towel or Coat Rack Project

I have needed to address the problem of not enough towel bar space for some time.   And being my frugal self...  I was not willing to pay the price that the home center was asking for a coat rack to hang towels on.  So I put this together in a morning for sooo much less. 

My project included-
  • 3 foot Poplar board from the home center, no cutting required
  • 4 Oil Rubbed Bronze Coat Hooks
  • 1 tub Oops paint
  • 2 black screws

The star of the day.
Oops Paint!
The color is from the
Martha Stewart paint line at Home Depot.
Who is it that thinks of paint color names?

The only hiccup with this project is the screws for the hooks were a bit long for the thickness of the Poplar Stock that I bought.  The choices were, buy thicker stock or push the screw points into the wall...  Someday when this comes down I'll have little spots to fill.  Oh, well.

We found the studs in the wall and drilled the holes into the board accordingly.  I wanted it to be solid.  I am so glad to have it up.   

Until next week.  :o)


  1. I have a cousin who had done something similar, only she just put the cute hooks right into the wall rather than on a board. Each kid in the family had a different color towel so they always knew which one was theirs! It looked good on the wall, too!

  2. We all have different towel colors too. I can't wash them all together. But, I can get them into a couple of batches. So it is not too bad. :o)

    It helps with accountability. :o)

  3. What a GREAT idea, we will have to give that a try! We also color code our towel colors.

  4. I love hooks for towels--the only way to go in my mind.

  5. I like hooks too. What kid will fold a towel and rehang it?

  6. I have been thinking about the towel situation in our home quite a bit. It drives me crazy. I am going to do the color towel thing. that is fantastic. I already have nice towel rods and want my bathroom to match (which your is cute, I wish I had time to re-do my bathroom in neutrals so it would look like this), so I am thinking about door hooks on the back of the door. Have you heard anything bad about doing that?

  7. When I was a teenager I had a robe hook on the back of my bedroom door. I hung my robe and a towel on it. It worked really well.

    When my SIL (Jessica) was little they each had a coat hook on the wall behind their bedroom door. It was mounted to the stud just above door knob height and that was their towel's home. When I had fewer children I did the same. Each child's towel lived in their room.

    I prefer them in the bathroom because baby sitting towels is easier for me there.

    I think the accountability of a color for each child is of great help. When you see the yellow towel on the floor in the hall then you know who you need to go have a conference with.

    Good to hear from you Andrea,


  8. Love it! I might just have to copy you.