Wednesday, February 23, 2011

King Arthur Life Skills Bread Baking Program

My son came home from school so excited!  They had a visit from Pam Jensen from the King Arthur flour company at school today.  He was so excited to tell me about what he had learned.
  King Arthur has an outreach program that teaches kids to bake bread.  
My son was so excited to have his own dough scraper!
Of course we already had a couple in the drawer, but having his own is awesome!

My boys were so excited to get started.  First we measured in the yeast, white wheat flour and water.

After allowing the sponge mixture to stand we added the oil and salt.

The boys added the flour a bit at a time and stirred.
(We did not need all of the flour in the recipe.)

My son used the dough scraper to scrape the bowl and gather the bread together.

They really got into it!

Next the dough was kneaded.  After rising the dough was shaped and baked.

Voila!  One to eat and one to share.


  1. It's nice to see programs like that in schools. Bread baking is a dead art in most homes nowadays. Good thing my kids have a bread baking grandpa or they might not see it either.

  2. I wish I was as confident with my bread making skills as your boys. The result looks delicious!

  3. Fantastic! I sure wish our school had a program like this! The bread looks outstanding!