Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kitchen Remodel - Beautiful Walnut Cabinets

The cabinets are almost done.
We are so pleased with them! 
Next counter tops.

(Wow, the Island was dusty.)
My Mom and I had to settle on where the pendant lights need to be, 
so my Dad put this lovely cardboard on the island so that we could mark them.
My Mother immediately asked if there were any special care instructions for this "counter top."
My Dad said, "Yes, no water."  It made me smile.
My Mom is so ready to be back in business again.

 The first light fixture is in.  All of the power is off with exception of two lights.
Boy, it will be nice to have the power back on.  
  The only power in the kitchen right now is an extension cord.

The pantry.

The helpful Tuxedo Kitty, "Jack" was on hand while I took pictures.  He could see the birds jumping and flitting in the juniper bush by the window in the sunshine and he really wanted to get to them.

I'll post complete pictures and a before and after floor plan after the counter tops are in. 



  1. Absolutely beautiful walnut. And I love the light fixtures. Where did you get them?

  2. The light fixture was a deal.

    Here is a link.

  3. This is why I say we got a deal.... We could have done so much worse.

  4. Simply beautiful. I love the walnut finish. So envious of your pantry! Looking forward to seeing more! :)


  5. The walnut is sooo beautiful. Hands down, my favorite wood.

  6. I LOVE the idea of your pantry cabinet looking like a large armoire from the front but actually being shallow. I have a very small kitchen / dining area & no pantry space. This would be perfect for my house, thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Loving that pantry as well!!! I'm assuming they're custom cabinets?

  8. the pantry cabinets were cut more shallow so that they do not hang out inthe room as far. So, the answer is yes. They were made to measure. The corner cabinet for the sink had to be made for the spot. The trick has been preparing that corner cabinet for the granite. It had to be braced in three places to suppor thte granit. The granite across the front of the sink is very vulnerable.

    Granite comes Monday! Yipee!