Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kitchen Remodel - Good Bye Cabinet Soffit

One day  before Christmas my Mom descended the stairs to find her kitchen flooding.  A line behind her dishwasher had malfunctioned and water was filling the kitchen.  The bad part of this was she had been upstairs in the shower and had no idea that this was happening on the main floor.  They were left with extensive damage to the kitchen and some damage to the basement family room and a bathroom. 
The disaster clean up guys eventually had to remove her floor and cabinets to dry the mess out.  
So, the kitchen remodeling ball, ready or not, was rolling.
The tiny bit of help from the insurance company got the ball rolling, but surely won't finish the job.
They will patch your old stuff back together, but who wants that?

My Mom and Dad had to regroup and formulate a plan of attack.
The first step was to pull out the wall cabinets.  
After the wall cabinets were out the sheet rock Soffit above the cabinets had to go. 
The general opinion was that the Soffit would simply be sheet rock.  Wrong.  They were built out of plywood.  It was a good afternoons work  for my boys to pull them out.

This is what the wall and ceiling looked like after they were removed.  
(The wall also needed patching after the electrician came and moved the power for the microwave.)

It's coming along.  
Paint and Tile are next. 
Stay tuned.


  1. WOW, that looks like it has been a big job!

  2. It's been a fun project for sure. It's finally coming together.


  3. That certainly is a huge job! Looking great.

  4. It is coming along. We pulled more apart today. Guess I better get busy and write my next post. :o)

  5. Help is the cry my children heard.
    This blog seams to be about our kitchen remodel.
    After the drying out of the floor
    the insurance would put the 33 year old mess back together.
    I could not stand to do that to my sweet wife (44years). So the call for help went out to my two kids and their families. Our son brought over a dump trailer and the real demolition began. Mom to Many and family tore out the two layers of linoleum and particle board to get to the sub floor. We could now see the water damage under the leaky exterior doors so they got torn out and replaced too. That sent grandma off to have a good cry. "When will it end? This job may be too much for us. We found a floor guy and a cabinet guy. Also I cut holes and placed cans and wire in walls for new lights and plugs. We had an electrician check the work. Now it is time to tear out tht rest of the old stuff. MTM had her DH riping out floor in laundry room. She got herself into the vanity to pull out plumbing and sink (she can and will do all). Kind of funny to hear DD calling out for tools from inside the vanity.
    So we are two months into this mess but with the help from family it would never get done. Cheryl calls every day to ask if they can help today and she means it. Do we have great kids or what? Thank for letting me rattle on.

  6. Wow, I am touched that my Dad would leave a comment. :o) My parents are pretty savvy, but they are baby boomers and not from the techie generation. I am touched.

    This has been an amazing time for our family believe it or not. This kitchen disaster happened on the heels of a major kidney cancer surgery for my Dad. I don't usually speak very personally on my blog, but it has been a new experience watching my father face his mortality. It has made us all very aware of the gift that we have been given to live on this earth as a family.

    We have always been a close family, but somehow ripping out years of history together has been a tender healing experience post cancer. We never know on this earth what the future will bring, but we need to make the best of today.

    I will always cherish my Dad letting me get in and learn how to fix a rainy day. That is what my Dad does. He fixes rainy days. He always has. And yes he has let me get in and pull out plumbing and spread sheet rock mud. He has patiently allowed me to learn. He has even run for tools for me.
    (He is teaching e about the proper use and misuse of tools. My Dad is a master. Can I brag for a minute? He actually invented a tool that one of the tool manufacturers began to produce and was paid for his idea.)

    My sweet parents mean the world to me. They are amazing people and I hope to be as amazing when I grow up. :o)

    My Dad is one of those men who can do everything. I really mean that. He is such a pillar in our family. He is having the opportunity to teach the rest of us how to use our common sense and get things done. Thanks Dad!

    My Mom is also so amazing. My Mom has taught us the gospel and guided us all through our lives. She is my friend and is always there for me. I feel so lucky to have such a mother. Thanks Mom!

    Cheryl - Mom to Many