Friday, February 25, 2011

Pottery Barn Chunky Linen Ruffle Pillow Cover


One  night last weekend I decided I wanted to make another pillow cover while the kids were all watching a movie.  I sat and stared at the drop cloth scraps trying to decide what to make.  I tried Googling for ideas but could not find exactly what I was looking for.
I knew I had seen a pillow like this some place.  Duh....

Today I was looking at Pottery Barns website, (Did I mention I like Pottery Barn?)
 and there it was.  I did not make my ruffle strip long enough to be gathered.
So it is not gathered.  Gathering the corners would have been MUCH easier than the reverse box pleat that I used. 

My pillow opens like an envelope in the back.

It was an easy  project with minimal finishing.

I must say I am enjoying pulling my sewing machine out now and again. 
Now, one of these days I need to get crazy and get out an exacto knife and some freezer paper 
and make some stencils.

Pottery Barn Chunky Linen Ruffle Pillow


  1. That's really pretty! Dropcloths are so versatile!
    I hadn't even noticed that pillow in the new catalog, but now I totally want to make one.
    Thanks for joining my party!

  2. Super cute! I love the extra ruffley edges. :)

  3. Visiting from Homebody. :) I love the way you showed the steps you took. I learn better when I can SEE how someone does something. Your pillow looks fab!!