Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Plastic Basket Makeover - With an Easy Sew Canvas Bag

I have an itty bitty little powder room in my home.  Usually these little powder rooms do not see as much traffic as mine does.  With the numbers we have in our home it has become a place where teeth are brushed and make up is applied in the morning.  So for added convenience I needed a place to store make up, contact lens solutions and the like.

I bought some plastic baskets but they really lacked something.
So, as usual I got out my canvas drop cloth material and went to work.

I made a simple canvas bag.

I dropped it in and then folded it down over the Plastic Crate/Basket.

Then I made 5 more.

A great improvement to bare baskets.

Need some instructions?  Click on this picture to make it larger.


  1. Nice. Is your material painting drop clothes? Where do you get them in such a good color?

  2. Yes they are drop cloths. They are from a small hardware store. They were covered in some kind residue that they had been treated with.
    I was glad to have a top load washer still when I bough them. I washed them a couple of times before I put them away.

    I learned that it is helpful to look at both sides of the fabric before you cut it. Often there is a side with more character. I like to use the side with the most character as my right side.


  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! You are amazing!

  4. You ladies are awesome! Thanks for stopping. :o)

  5. Clever and so pretty! What a great idea - you're full of them! :)


  6. Such a great idea! thanks for linking these up!