Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sour Dough Explosion

If you know me, you know that I like to try things.
I bought a Gold Rush Sour Dough Start and fed it twice the first day as instructed.
Not being sure if I was supposed to take some out for those first two feedings the first day I did not.
This resulted in the start becoming larger.  

My next mistake?  I left the gasket on the jar and clamped the lid.
Following one of the suggestions that I read, I insulated the jar with a small blanket and set it on the heating pad.  (Spring had not yet arrived and there was not enough warmth to grow much of anything.)
My heating pad only stays on for an hour, so the blanket helped with keeping the warmth in for the night.  

I guess It was a success of sorts, if you don't count the explosion.
The start forced pressure out of the jar spraying the cabinets  across the 
kitchen and filling the blanket with very smelly goo.

You ask What did I learn?
  1. Do not grow a sour dough start in a jar with a tight lid.  Though my jar looks just like one sold on Amazon.com (with a sour dough start) with the gasket in place it becomes a food bomb. 
  2. My family does not like sour dough.  (Oh, well it was a fun experiment.  But, will not be long lived at our house right now.) 
  3. Sour Dough Starts are a bit like tending a pet in your kitchen.  
    All in all the experience was good for a laugh and I learned some things.
    Future note to self.  Should you try this again do not clamp the lid.


        1. I like sour dough, but always thought the start was too much work. Now my thoughts are confirmed.

        2. "I guess it was a success of sorts if you don't count the explosion." LOL!!!

        3. Funny! I've never tried sour dough...looks like fun!

        4. Hi. I am visiting you today. Didn't mean to laugh but it is kinda funny!!

        5. I don't mind you laughing. I did too. :o)

          Thanks for visiting!

        6. I've got sour dough in my bread machine right now. I've been experimenting with it for about three months. We really like the bread, but I laughed out loud when I saw the comment about keeping a pet in the kitchen. I couldn't have said it better.

        7. I can deal with this kind of pet in the kitchen, if I don't clamp the lid.