Monday, June 13, 2011

I Upgraded my Laptop! (Inspiron 1501)

Recently I was in desperate need of some more RAM for my laptop.  The suggestion was made that I take the computer to a shop.  (Can you hear me laughing?)  But, my ever frugal nature said, "Let's check into this first."
I was lucky enough to find videos on YOU TUBE.  In the beginning I found a video of a guy pulling apart a computer like mine that terrified me.  He decided to go through the key board.  Ouch.  Apparently he did not know about the easy access door on the bottom, or his computer was a slightly different model.  I was so happy to find a video that made the upgrade quick and easy.
I did a bit of research to see how much RAM my particular computer could support.  I found it will support 2 Gigs.  So, I found what I needed over on Amazon and it was on it's way. 

I removed the battery and the power cord.  This was an easy upgrade on this particular model. In a matter of minutes I was up and running again with less "think" time.

Fine Print.... Don't try this at home even though I did.  You may become a hazard to yourself and those around.  Just kidding.  


  1. I am amazed! It seems like there is nothing you will not tackle.

  2. Sometimes I realize I am in over my head and have to ask for help. :o) Saturday I am doing brakes. I will need help with that one for sure.

  3. I suspect that your operating system is some flavour of Windows. Were you to upgrade to Linux [free] with a wide range of free software such as a full office suite, I suspect your laptop would run faster, possibly much faster.

    You might like Ubuntu Linux. You can download a bootable CD, burn it to disk and try it without intalling, to see whether you like it. If you do, you could install it, or not - that's your choice. It's much more secure than Windows too.

  4. Thanks Amoeba! I'll check into that. :o) Thanks for your comments.