Sunday, July 3, 2011

My First Quilted Fondant and My First Brush Embroidery

We (the kids and I) had some fun tonight.
We tried out Brush Embroidery and Quilted Fondant!
I used a cake quilting mat to make light marks on the fondant covered cake and then used the back side
of one of my knives to emboss the lines more deeply into the cake. I used the non cutting side of a Chicago Cutlery pairing knife.  It has a nice square flat surface opposite the cutting side of the blade.
Then I used the end of a dowel to make a space for the button tuck. 

Then I used a cookie cutter to emboss the flowers and then piped over it with butter cream.
Then I used a paint brush
(I need a better brush in order to have better results and piping gel to mix with the Butter Cream)
lightly dampened to drag the frosting.
I am sure royal icing would flow better.  But, this worked well enough for us for a first try.