Monday, August 8, 2011

Stage Makeup - Good Clean Summer Fun

We visited some good friends and our kids came home looking like a war zone.
Their daughter is learning to do wounds.

Bruises that don't hurt and wash off are the best kind.

 This picture just did not want to cooperate and turn the right way. 
Pretty good elbow scrape, huh!


  1. One year when I went to girls camp, they had an emergency simulation with lots of wounds like that. At first we believed that the girls actually got injured. Looks like your friend's daughter does a good job. Sure looks real to me!

  2. Those wounds look pretty real. I bet the kids had a blast!

  3. My boys would have enjoyed being the 'victims' for that :)

  4. There was a great snake bite, but I guess it did not get photographed. Bummer. :o)