Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paradigm Shift - The Kids are Growing up so Fast

My perspective is shifting as it does for many as they spend more time on this earth.
When I took this picture years ago my daughter was in the middle of advanced placement classes, choir rehearsals,
and working a part time job.

I wandered down to her room one day and in total amazement ran for the camera.
At the time I was capturing the disarray.

Appreciating the Day

Now I look back with a smile remembering the time frame appreciating the time with my daughter.  
Why is it that kids have to grow up for that paradigm shift to happen. 
I have always enjoyed being a mother, 
but having my oldest two enter adulthood has really been 
a paradigm shift.


I am still working on being patient with the pile of backpacks and shoes and other 
clutter in front of the front door.  But, I am letting more go.  I am realizing like the Grandmother I ran into in the store sadly said, "Enjoy it, it will be over all too soon."
 As I paid for school clothes and my youngest two were restless, she lamented.  
She seemed sad watching my busy brood mill about touching everything at the checkout.
Sad about days gone by...
Maybe about opportunities missed.  


My struggles are different now.  
The physical exhaustion is not what it was.  I am still busy, but not in the same way.
  I am not constantly through the day ministering to the needs of small children.

My Taxi Cab

Now, I am roaring down the road in my checkered cab as kids run here and run there.
Now I am a front seat counselor and confidant.  
I am a texting friend, and a sounding board. 
A friend to these amazing people that I call my kids.

Mud Puddles

As for the younger ones...
Well, that is different too.
I still band-aid my younger ones knees, but we don't call them boo boos anymore.
I see things differently.  
When a preteen is emotional or frustrated I can say, oh yes, so and so did this.  
He will be alright.  Or  We tried this with this child, maybe something like it will help this one.
When  my son sits in another mud puddle, I break out the hose, wash away the mud and we move on.

Little Ones

Or when my youngest is excited about something I relish it almost painfully.
I listen to him and want to pick him up and squish him.
They are growing so fast.

What? No dinner?

I am working to enjoy the journey more.
Trying not to just cross the days and tasks off of the calendar.  
So, dinner did not get made.  
Grilled cheese sandwiches are fine.  
So the house is a mess and someone is coming over.  
Take a deep breath and fill a laundry basket with things to be put away.

Find the Joy

The days and years are passing.
And yes, it is hard.
The trials are there.
They always will be.
The key is finding joy in the journey.
Enjoying the good each day.


  1. Well said!
    I am a much "calmer" mother now than I was when I was first starting out.
    Except for maybe this morning...:)

  2. Great post. It is funny because I was just thinking about taking a picture of my daughters room today. Almost identical situation, both the mess and the things she is in the middle of.

  3. Very nice thoughts...and so very true as every mother knows. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have a ways til my kids are grown and out of the house, but I something catches my attention every so often and realize how quickly our life on Earth is passing. It's a life lesson to live in the present and not wait for a less crazier tomorrow.

  5. I really enjoyed your post. When you talked about the mud puddle, I thought about being a young parent and how frustrating it would be. But as we have matured, we just take care of the mess and go on. But now I hurry and grab my camera too, because if I can blog about the mishaps, the frustration disappears and silliness comes into focus.