Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tessa's Cake - Almond Butter Cream

This tall tiered cake is 9" on the bottom and 6" on the top.  
I started out with some bell shaped flowers, 
but decided to lift them off and place roses instead. 
I believe the more traditional roses were an improvement.
For me cake making is not science. 
It is a process of trial an error.


  1. Thank you so much Sister Munson! It was so beautiful. Everyone- especially my grandma- loved it!! You are amazing

  2. Thank you Camille! You have no idea what your feed back means to me. I was a bundle of nerves. :o)

  3. So gorgeous! I wish my wedding cake had been so beautiful! You are talented!

  4. Yes thank you! It was gorgeous and really delicious too. Which is like the perfect combination.