Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trip to the E.R. - Cut and Bleeding

 We had a little accident tonight.

 My son attempted to stop his brother from using a knife to cut cheese.  

One small problem, two boys holding the same knife when
neither should be holding it, let alone together.

You guessed it.  

It did not end well.

Thank Heaven for sutures and E.R. docs.
Children using knives has always been a No, No.
After this all bread in our home will be torn not sliced, 
and cheese will be crumbled and pizzas gnawed on whole.
All sharp objects (including graters) will be cast from our home.

At least until these boys get older.

photo source

My friend Julie brought us one of these today.
I think this is a better design than the open one that
Valerie expressed concern about. (I removed the picture.)
(See the comments - do you approve?)


  1. Well that is no good :( Glad he is ok though.

  2. So sorry! Glad he is okay and that sutures could fix it! Love our ER docs! :)

  3. I should of taken your advise and not looked...I am squeamish today lol Glad he is doing better though.


  4. The PC cheese knife is also safer. So sorry about your boys. I have only one and I have been to the ER more times than I can count for things like that.


  5. OUCH!!!!

    Hope all is well and that he heals correctly!


  6. Ouch! Not fun...

    Just be warned...I cut my thumb pretty badly on none other than a cheese slicer like the one pictured. But I have a pretty bad track record for accidentally cutting my thumb. :)

  7. Okay Valerie, that does it. We will resort to buying sliced cheese. :o)

  8. Oooh, that is too traumatic for one day. So sorry.