DIY Cleaner for Fiberglass or Plastic Shower/Tub Surround

Image Source - Photo by gailanng on July 19, 2011
Have you seen this?

I spent a minute Pinterest Surfing and found this!

Mix equal parts
Dish soap

If you warm the vinegar slightly the mixture will combine more easily. 

I sprayed this generously on the tub and walls and then let it sit for a few minutes. When I came back it was easy to wash away the scale and soap scum with a wet wash cloth. This is a keeper! I usually use Comet Spray Cleaner, which is reasonably priced.  Why switch?  The trigger on the Comet now sprays so fine I worry about breathing it. 

This way I know what is in it! I have always cleaned with dish soap and vinegar, just never together.
Love it!


  1. I have used a combinatin of Lysol (purchased in the big jug from Costco) and white vinegar for a while now, but will definitely try using just dish soap with vinegar since that would be much less expensive. Thanks for the tip! White vinegar is also recommended for cleaning and mopping tile floors.

  2. I love Lysol concentrate. I used to put a little bit in the washer with bedding when someone would miss the barf bowl. (I know yuck)


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