Sunday, January 22, 2012

Buying American Made - Is it possible?

My old frying pan needed to be replaced so I did an experiment of sorts.

I read a post on Face Book the other day.
The author of the post encouraged both looking for and purchasing items made in the USA.

I am trying harder to think about where the goods we buy are made.   
I admit I am guilty of hurrying through my shopping list, not stopping to look at where things are made much of the time. 

But, as I wandered the big box store last night I looked carefully to see where the pans I was looking at were made.  It was a bundle of pans.  A small thing right? 
China, Thailand, Vietnam, and then finally two different brands offered were made in the USA.

I realize that all people need employment all over the world.
But, I pledged while standing there to try harder to buy more goods made by people closer to home.   

Will I give up my trips to the dollar store?  Will I go on a fast from buying foreign goods?  No, but I will be more aware and try to do better by considering choosing locally made or American made when it is one of the choices offered. 

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  1. Good thoughts and excellent idea about trying to buy American more. I have found that it can be a challenge and more expensive, but we do need to support our own. Thanks.