Monday, January 16, 2012

Cake - Cookie Pedestal - Dollar Store DIY

I know you have seen this one done before, 
but some good ideas are worth repeating.

You will need Dollar store plates, candle holders and some E6000 from WM or two part epoxy.
I tried loctite and had one come apart when I tested it after 24hours.  But the other two seem nicely set after several days.  So, be patient.  :o)


  1. So lovely! I really need to make me some of these.

  2. Great idea! I've not seen this one before!

  3. Really cute. Seen it before, but I always need reminders of these fun things! Where does one find Loctite adhesive??

  4. I found it a Macey's Grocery store. (of all places) I am sure a 2 part epoxy would be great for the job too. Epoxy is pretty hot and might take less than the 24 hours that the loctite takes to dry. Just choose something that mentions glass on the label. :o)

  5. Great idea.. Thank you so much..
    Kind of a must do
    Thanks for dropping by my blog..
    Yours is lovely..

  6. Actually, I have not seen this done, so I'm so glad you repeated it!

  7. Beautiful!! I have seen these done before, but never actually made them.