Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Quick Hello - Back to School After Christmas Break

This was the scene this morning after the boys left for school.  Carefully arranged army men engaged in battle on the bench still turned upside down from last nights mopping. Along side a gathering of friend magazines that were read during breakfast and a few scattered toast crumbs. Evidence that a family lives here. 

That family is the reason why I get up each morning and do what I do.  They are my joy.  I have really enjoyed having them all home for the Christmas break.

I have enjoyed teenagers attempting to stuff each other into the pantry.  Dart gun wars.  Late night batches of cookies.  Watching the same movie over and over.  Talks with my kids about their lives.  Joys and worries.  I am so thankful for these times.  I know we will go on enjoying each other as the years go by, but I cannot reclaim these days.  I get tired, grumpy and down right frustrated with the work load and emotional challenges of raising this family of 7, but I would do it all over again.

We have enjoyed the Christmas Holiday so much.  I feel so thankful for the Lord's kindness to me.  First for blessing us with this group to raise and enjoy and second for having my back.  I could not do it from day to day alone.  I could not do this if I did not believe that he is there lifting me and supporting me.

I will never pass this way again.  Oh, how sweet the days and the hours are.  Years from now the struggles that come with life will fade.  As I remember them I will cherish these days.


  1. I was sad to see my kids go back to school. I loved them being home. Feeling the home with laughter, singing, chitter-chatter and arguing. Yep I never thought I would love the sound of my kids arguing but I find some comfort in the normal every day life with my kids, ever since I lost my son early in Dec. I appreciate every moment good or bad with my children. Knowing it won't last forever. I am so happy that you said this, time is short with our children and as much as we are over whelmed it is temorary. Life keeps changing and you never know when that last kiss, hug, I love you will be the last. Breath in every moment that you can. Life is short, very short.

  2. I, too, was enjoying all the sound and bustle. Now I am listening to the whirring of the computer and wondering when it will be noisy again. Enjoy ever moment. I like to think of them as MOM-ents. haha!