Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TrafficMaster Allure Resilient Plank Flooring

Sample Squares

My husband and I like D.I.Y. projects and after a bit of window shopping I thought I would share some observations about Allure Resilient Flooring.  (I have hopes for new flooring in my future.  Dream, dream...)  Allure flooring sounded so wonderful to me!  It seemed to be too good to be true.  Affordability, simple install, and great for high water situations.  Whoa!  So, I started reading everything I could find on the internet.  It is hard to find many blogs that talk about the stuff.
The thing that has scared me off until now are the bad reviews.
Bad installation could be a huge factor in this, but I just don't know.
I am considering putting it in just one room to see how it does.

The following blog was where I heard of Allure Resilient Flooring for the first time.
The Old Painted Cottage
I wonder how she feels about it after 4 years?

Allure sells a floor polish to help restore the luster of the finish.
Read this to help you decide.

(Update 3/22/13)
I have considered this flooring now for over a year now.
I think I am ready to take the plunge and give it a try.

Entry way and 1/2 Bath 

We did it!
If you want to see the full story check out my other post to see the kitchen.

We took the plunge!


  1. We have this flooring in our basement media room and haven't noticed any marks or issues on it but that is a lower traffic space although we do have a 65# dog that runs through and walks around when we have guests down there... maybe not the best decision but i think there's a good warranty on it so maybe try it out with actual use and see how it works? good luck finding something for your busy family!

    1. I wonder how your floor is holding up Mrs. B?
      I am ready to take the plunge.

  2. We installed a laminate flooring that looked like stone about five years ago. It is in our kitchen, which as you know is a high traffic area. We got the industrial strength. It stood up to breaks, dogs, and children. There have never been scratches or dents.

    The place we got it at is Carpet One/Carpet Giant but I am not sure if they still sell it. I did notice Home Depot has them also, but not sure if they have industrial strength.

    And I use a steam mop to clean. No streaks!

  3. This is a very good post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I really like it.

  4. I'm getting ready to do my kitchen and would love to know how it is holding up and what you think -- I'm having the same thoughts based on all of the reviews both good and bad. It will be a high traffic area with 2 dogs, grandchildren, family & friends.... Thanks!

    1. Nancy,

      I have thought a lot about it and I really believe the spot that lifted was a result of a combination of things. At the end we used a box that had been damaged in shipping. We needed it. What else could we do. It took us a month to get the product shipped to us. Then the end was torn open on the box. Sigh. The ends of the planks looked clean, but surely they were exposed to dust. We weighted the spot for more than a week. Made sure the expansion gap was wide enough and allowed the sun to shine on it with the weight on the floor. Now the spot stays down. You really need a clean install location and a clean product.
      For the cost, I still give this floor my vote.
      I really wanted to put down the industrial Pergo. But, the budget just was not there.
      The floor will scuff and after you get over that it is fine. I do have one scuff from a chair prior to putting felt on our chairs. I got down under the table with liquid turtle wax. I scratched the little curls that were shaved off of the texture in the floor by the chair with a fingernail. Then I put some turtle wax on it. We live in a place where moth and rust corrupt. ;) It will not be perfect. Turtle wax is for non porous surfaces and the spot is under the table out of traffic. I don't know that I would do the whole floor. That could be a stocking foot disaster. Not to mention I really don't want the wax to transfer onto my carpet. ;)

      I'd love to hear back about your decision.