Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dishes in my Sink - They Multiply like Bunnies

It seems like I wash dishes all day long at times.  I wash for a while and then walk away, then I come back and wash some more.  Tonight I concluded  that they multiply like bunnies.

Years ago my husband bought me a roll away dishwasher because the little rental house we lived in did not have one.  We ended up moving to a home with a dishwasher a while later.  But, my old friend stayed with me.  I kept her parked in my kitchen through the rest of my child bearing years.  Did I use both, you betcha!
But, when my child bearing season passed I decided to let my old friend go.  But, on nights like tonight, I miss her.

Dishes multiplying in the sink is an indicator of good things.  First, we have food.  Second, we are cooking.  And third, we have family around to eat the food.
These are all good things.
So the next time I stand in front of my sink filled with multiplying dishes I will try harder to count my blessings instead of counting dishes.


  1. I count my dishwasher as a blessing all the time. It saves us hours of washing those dishes. I went too many years without one to ever complain. And, yes, they do multiply like bunnies. Only to be beat out by the laundry!

  2. With me it's laundry. Dishes I can handle, but the never ending laundry... uuugh.

  3. I so know what you mean! When we built this house, it was the same price to install a second dishwasher as it was to put a cabinet in the same place. You know, we fill up both dishwashers almost every day.

  4. Boy do I wish I had thought of that!