Friday, February 3, 2012

Teaching a Boy to be a Man

Moments after opening his Mission Call

Our role as mother's is so important.  Our sons need us to teach them how to become men.  But, you say, I am a woman, not a man.  I don't know how to teach a boy to be a man.  Oh, but you do.

Teach him to be kind by loving him.  When your little boy gets angry, be patient and show him love. Teach him to be loving by loving him.  Hug him and help him.  Some boys will let you hug them even when they are frustrated.  Some will need some time.  But hug them.  As they grow they need hugs too.  They may require some care when you approach them, but hug them.

Teach a boy to lead the family.  When fathers are either missing from the home or away working to support the family an opportunity is presented.  An opportunity to teach a boy to lead a family.  Call on your son.  Even if he is very small.  Give him the chance to choose someone to offer the prayer at a meal.  Teach him while he is young.

Encourage your son to be chivalrous.  Encourage him to hold the door for both you and his sisters.  There are some in the world that have decided it is an insult for a man to hold a door for a woman.  That makes me sad.  Teach them anyway.  Teach your son to show kindness toward the women and girls in his life. 

Teach him to listen by listening to him.  Listen when he is small.  Listen when he is big.  Wash the dishes together and ask him about school.  Ask about what his friends are doing.  Ask him about the latest thing he is interested in.  Be gentle with him, and listen.

When he makes a mistake, be forgiving.  Listen with gentleness and show him your love.  Guide him gently and encourage him to do better.

As women we are blessed with gentle spirits.  We have just what we need to teach our sons to be wonderful men.

“…And thus we see that by small means the Lord can bring about great things.” 1 Nephi 16: 29 


  1. Great advice. I love that big hug between you and your son. We are still working on those two-arm mother-son hugs at my house. They will come. :)

  2. I love this post. That photo is such a treasure!!!! Those are wonderful words and advice. I especially like the part where you say to teach them by listening to them. I need to work on that. I'm distracted so often trying to do several things at once that I wonder if my sons (and daughters) know I'm listening. Thanks again for the tips!

  3. Great suggestions! My 17 yr. old son currently hates me right now...hoping that phase will pass soon.

    Love the family picture!

  4. Lots of wonderful advice. My only son is about to turn 16 and I can't believe he's so old. :) I try hard to teach him all those things, but it does get a bit frustrated when it seems he didn't learn them. Hope it's all going in his heart even if he doesn't want to practice it all right now.