Friday, April 20, 2012

Modesty - It's truely possible

I hear comments from time to time about the difficult problem modesty presents.  I have felt really frustrated over the battle at times myself.  Buying something cute that covers our bodies has become a challenge.  But, I believe we are up for the challenge.  What do you do about modesty?

Layering T-shirts- (Been done to death, but what can you do.)
The first go to that comes to my mind is the layering t-shirt.  Everyone has seen these basic t-shirts.  These close fitting tops cover the target without adding too much bulk.  Many companies have sprung up making these undershirts available in several styles.  They cost about 16.00 each and need to be purchased in quantity so that you have enough of them so that laundry is not too complicated.

Basic Sewing Skills-
My daughter invited me to go swimsuit shopping with her.  And because we shopped early we found a great swim suit.  This swim suit had one flaw that nearly made my daughter not buy it.  The halter straps were previously attached under the arms starting next to the side seam.  This strap position caused me to move them forward and change their angle. I changed it for both for comfort on her neck and to reduce potential gapping with movement.  Anymore my sewing skills are not used for making clothing, but for making ready made clothing work better for my family. 

Ribbed Tanks- If you are dressing down a bit layering with ribbed tanks may be a great cost saving solution.  Often they are too low though to cover what needs to be covered if you bend at the waist.  In that case some length can be taken out of the strap at the shoulder seam very simply with a bit of matching thread in your sewing machine.

Some Inspiration- Slit in your skirt too high?  Add a kick pleat by attaching a hemmed reverse box pleat to the inside of the skirt over the opening.   Skirt too short?  Add a slip with a band of lace around the bottom to cover your cheesecake.  This one is a good one too, if you can find a piece of knit to go with your v-neck top.  Or there is this one using stretch lace. Get inspired and get excited!

Modesty is possible even for Prom!  If you get excited about modesty and go after it you will find ways.


  1. Thank you for this post!! I bought a couple of cute dresses on clearance at Ross that turned out to be a bit too short. This morning at the temple, I saw a girl with a cute extender slip making a short dress modest. Now, thanks to your post, I will be able to make such a slip for these dresses! Very helpful post!

  2. I am so glad that it was helpful. I have felt so beaten at times when I shop or like you when I bring something home and it does not work. But, this is a battle. And if we are going to win we must fight. We must not roll over and give up. Thanks for your comment. I love feedback and camaraderie.


  3. I love this post. I know I'm not the only one with this problem, but it's nice to hear about it from someone other than myself. Buying those undershirts can cost a small fortune in a hurry especially when you're buying for growing daughters. One of my biggest complaints with clothing right now, is girls clothing. My oldest wears a size 8, and when I walk around the girls department, I feel like I'm shopping for a teenager. I thought we had a few more years of easy buying...guess not. Short skirts and that stupid have tank top-half spaghetti strap shirt as far as the eye can see. You motivated me to take up sewing! :)

  4. I am so with you Jen! The layering t-shirts do set you back a lot. That has been a frustrating thing for me with my 3 girls and not to mention, me. I added a piece of lace to the neck line of one of my tops because I did not want to buy yet another undershirt.

    It's truly a battle. But, we are not beaten.


  5. I wish I knew how to sew all the time! I find clothes that I absolutely love except for a plunging neckline or being sleeveless or whatever and I am sure that if I sewed, I could do something with it, but just don't buy it. I am so tired of wearing layers, especially in the summer, to make something modest. But I will not give in because it is difficult and takes some planning.